Pet Wellness Exams and routine blood screening

Even when your pet is healthy, Pet Wellness Exams and blood screening are vital. When treated early, there are issues that can be quickly solved, which is why we’re committed to practicing preventative care at our Veterinary Hospital. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can help make a difference in the lives of pets. Call to schedule an appointment or walk-in. 

Emergency Care Services

Our state of the art clinic is fully equipped to handle all issues when it comes to animals. We’re committed to your pet’s health and will always do our best to treat and heal animals in pain. Our Emergency Care Services, available to dogs and cats in Spring Hill, help you give your loving pet the attention and care it needs. With the help of our sister clinic in Columbia, emergency services can be provided 24/7. 


When you get a pet for the first time, making sure your new friend receives all appropriate treatment and services is vital to their overall health and happiness. We provide low cost Spays and Neuters for the Spring Hill and surrounding areas.  Schedule an appointment today.

Routine Dental care and prevention

Dental cleaning is an important and necessary need for  the better overall health of your pet. It is not only done for hygienic reasons, but in fact  the dental tartar that builds up on your pets teeth is a slab of bacteria and the bacteria is introduced into the blood stream through the inflamed gums. The bacteria can then travel to vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys and can cause serious illness. Here at Veterinary Wellness Clinic of Spring Hill we focus on ways to prevent dental disease as well as ways to treat dental disease. Your pet can not be healthy with a sick mouth. 

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